The IoTShow in Bangalore is a leading industry expo, organised by Electronics For You, that focuses on the internet of things (IoT). The event brings together experts and practitioners from various industries to share their knowledge and insights on the latest developments in IoT, and provides a platform for networking and collaboration. The event typically features talks and presentations from leading experts in the field, as well as demonstrations of new and innovative IoT technologies.

As speakers at the IoTShow in Bangalore, Gaurav Vikhe and Prateek Nagras had the opportunity to showcase Acceleration Robotics’ work on hardware acceleration and present a workshop on ROS 2. An explanation of what hardware acceleration is and how it can be used was explained to the attendees by Gaurav. Hardware acceleration’s several benefits, including improved performance, reduced power consumption, and enhanced security generated a lot of interest in the attendees. In this context, the ROBOTCORE framework and how it benefits the robotics community were presented. Lastly, Acceleration Robotics efforts towards performance benchmarking standardisation through REP 2014 was presented and discussed at length.

In Prateek’s workshop on ROS 2, he presented the importance of using a mature middleware like ROS in the development of Robotics and IoT, and provided examples and case studies to illustrate the benefits of this approach. Important facets of ROS like easy sensor integration, real time processing, control and networking and communication were explained in detail. We discussed the benefits of using DDS in ROS 2, such as its support for real-time communication, its ability to handle large amounts of data, and its compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms. ROS 2 is designed to be used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and others.

While robotics and thus ROS and IoT are distinct fields, our conversations with the industry leaders present showed that they can intersect and interact in various ways. For example, ROS can be used in the development of IoT devices to improve their functionality and performance. In addition, IoT technologies can be used to enable new applications and capabilities for robotics systems, such as remote monitoring and control, or the integration of data from multiple sources. Overall, the intersection of ROS and the IoT has the potential to unlock new and exciting possibilities.

Acceleration Robotics had a great time at the IoTShow in delivering the importance of hardware acceleration and making edge devices more computationally powerful in the robotics context. The interactions with industry leaders present further informed our perspective about the role of edge devices in the IoT industry and opens up avenues for exploration in the future.