Single-Chip Processors Have Reached Their Limits

Source: IEEE Spectrum, April 4, 2022 [1]
Apple once again surprised enthusiasts and analysts with its announcement of the M1 Ultra, a variant of the M1 Max that effectively fuses two chips into one. The result is a dual-chip design viewed by software as a single piece of silicon. Nvidia delivered similar news at the GPU Technology Conference 2022, where CEO Jensen Huang announced that the company will fuse two of the company’s new Grace CPU processors into a single “Superchip.”

iRobot Launches Create 3, With ROS 2 Built In

Source: IEEE Spectrum, April 5, 2022 [2]
iRobot's Create 3 is based on the Roomba i3 platform. It's compatible with ROS 2, the mainstream vote of confidence in ROS 2 by iRobot.

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

Source: JetsonHacks, April 4, 2022 [3]
Jetson AGX Orin is the next evolution of the the Jetson product line. Hardware and software upgrades will run on both the Orin series and the Xavier series of Jetsons. Highlights for the hardware include latest compute stack with CUDA 11 and TensorRT 8 andUEFI for CPU bootloader.

Achronix Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Its Innovative FPGA-based Data Acceleration Products

Source: , April 5, 2022 [4]
Achronix offers both standalone FPGAs and eFPGA IP solutions. This product breadth allows customers to deploy their solutions across of spectrum of data acceleration applications.

Shifting to an FPGA Data Center Future: How are FPGAs a Potential Solution?

Source: allaboutcircuits, April 5, 2022 [5]
As data centers are put under more pressure, EEs are looking at field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as a potential solution. However, how could they be useful, and who is ramping up their research efforts?

NVIDIA and Arm unveil AI superchip as $60bn target is set for IPO

Source: Business Weekly, March 30, 2022 [6]
Arm, the Cambridge company is working with NVIDIA on a new superchip that would power-charge Artificial Intelligence and the host of technologies the protocol drives.

Nvidia reveals 144-core Arm-based Grace 'CPU Superchip'

Source: The Register, March 22, 2022 [7]
GTC Nvidia is cramming two Arm-based CPU processors and a DDR5 memory subsystem into one unit, its newly revealed 144-core Grace "CPU Superchip," which the graphics giant claims will be much faster and 2x more energy-efficient than two of AMD's best Epyc processors combined.

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