Acceleration Robotics leads RobotPerf™ Benchmarks to its first "alpha" release

Source: Acceleration Robotics, July 11, 2023 [1]
In a crucial advancement for the state of the art of robotics computing, Acceleration Robotics has contributed the RobotPerf™ benchmark suite, a new standard for assessing robotics computing performance. Current alpha release benchmarks selected solutions from key leading players including AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA, laying the foundation for improved, efficient, and effective robotics systems, thereby pushing the boundaries of what's possible in robotics today.

Broadcom to invest in a $1 billion EU-funded chip programme in Spain

Source: Reuters, July 7, 2023 [2]
Broadcom will invest in a European Union-funded program to develop a semiconductor industry in Spain, according to Spanish economy ministry officials. The project could be worth $1 billion.

The growth of RISC-V across industries

Source: Electronic Products & Technology, July 6, 2023 [3]
RISC-V has experienced significant momentum in recent years, with over 10 billion cores available worldwide. This growth is driven by the increasing complexity of computing requirements and the need for customized solutions. RISC-V offers flexibility, extensibility, and scalability for various applications, with high performance compute density. Its modern design enables companies to choose extensions for specific applications and tailor designs to meet power, performance, and price requirements.

China's eastern city builds better environment for software industry

Source: People's Daily Online, July 10, 2023 [4]
Yunmanman, a freight dispatching platform in Nanjing, has developed a scheduling system that uses big data and cloud computing to match demand and supply sides more effectively. The platform uses data to determine the capacity of available trucks and recommends shipping options based on truck drivers' experiences and preferences.

Revolutionizing transportation: The rise of self driving cars

Source: Impakter, July 11, 2023 [5]
Artificial Intelligence has slowly made its way in our every day lives, but it is now going to change the way we use our cars forever.

The new velocity bench for GPU offload performance data

Source: HPCwire, July 9, 2023 [6]
HPC performance benchmarking, such as the Top500 list, has been valuable since 1993 but is not a reliable predictor of true performance for many applications. Benchmark suites, such as HPCG, NAS Parallel Benchmarks, and SPEC, reflect typical HPC workloads. Benchmarking HPC systems faces challenges due to compilers, libraries, algorithms, and new accelerator hardware, making apples-to-apples comparisons difficult.

Solving the last-mile delivery problem

Source: Semiconductor Engineering, July 9, 2023 [7]
Autonomous roadside delivery robots may increase operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

What is robotics simulation?

Source: NVIDIA Blog, June 29, 2023 [8]
Robotics simulation enables virtual training and programming that can use physics-based digital representations of environments, robots, machines, objects and other assets.


Latency measurement for autonomous driving software using data flow extraction

Source: ResearchGate, June 8, 2023 [9]
This paper proposes a framework using ROS2 tracing to analyze the processing latency of autonomous driving software. It extracts implicit and explicit data flow from large-scale ROS 2-based systems, measuring end-to-end latency and individual components. The method provides a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing real-world ROS 2 systems, enhancing real-time capability and robust software behavior.

Future hardware platforms for AI

Source: JSAP Review, 2023 [10]
Information technology (IT) encompasses software and hardware components, built on semiconductor technologies. This study introduces IBM hardware supporting IT and AI, discussing future prospects.

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