Acceleration Robotics, which leads the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration community efforts, will work with Peer Robotics to improve performance in the mobile robotics stack beyond prevalent market standards.

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Pune, IndiaPeer Robotics, a startup based out of New Haven, Connecticut with an office in Gurugram, India, is partnering with Acceleration Robotics for bringing hardware acceleration to their mobile robotics software stack.

Peer Robotics, recently covered by Forbes[1] as one of India’s most innovative startups, is a robotics company focused on making advanced automation solutions that are easy to deploy, even for small and medium-scale enterprises. Their collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can learn from humans in real-time through their patent-pending Person2Peer technology, using haptic feedback to instantly map and learn routes. This means even first-time robot users can easily deploy a Peer robot for material movement with little to no changes to the existing shop floor layout, and drastically brings down the integration costs associated with other robots in the market.

  1. Peer Robotics: Making robots doing what you want

While Peer follows the industry standards with their AMR stack, the collaboration with Acceleration Robotics aims to take this to the next level. Acceleration Robotics’ advanced computation methods will add hardware acceleration capabilities to create even more cutting-edge robotics solutions, improving the performance of components perception, planning, and control beyond prevalent market standards.

"Robotics and automation solutions, till now, have very rarely been considered a small manufacturer. We want to bridge this technological divide, ensuring that manufacturers around the world have access to not just any robotics solution, but the best: one that is easy to install, safe to work with humans, and flexible enough to re-task for new applications as one’s needs evolve,” explains Peer Robotics CEO and Co-founder, Rishabh Agarwal. “Acceleration Robotics is all about driving more efficient robotics solutions and Peer exists to unlock the full potential of small manufacturers. This collaboration, therefore, will help us give our customers the best so that they, in turn, can skyrocket productivity."

Acceleration Robotics is at the forefront of leading hardware acceleration efforts in ROS. It has developed a framework called ROBOTCORE® Framework which helps build custom compute architectures for robots, or IP cores, that make robots faster, more deterministic and power-efficient.

Prateek Nagras, the CEO of Acceleration Robotics said, “We are excited about this collaboration with Peer Robotics and believe that hardware acceleration will open up newer opportunities in the context of material handling throughput for Peer Robotics. Our combined expertise with mobile robot navigation and hardware acceleration uniquely positions us to engage with Peer Robotics.”

About Peer Robotics:

Peer Robotics was founded in 2019 to revolutionise automation with advanced robotic solutions that businesses of all sizes can easily deploy. Peer Robotics maximises productivity, flexibility, and innovation with robots that act as peers on the shop floor, and can be easily installed by those who know manufacturing operations best. It is devoted to enabling accessible automation to create a world where robots handle the ordinary so humans can do the extraordinary.

About Acceleration Robotics:

Acceleration Robotics is a firm focused on designing customised brains for robots to accelerate their response time. Founded by top robotic experts to deliver semiconductor building blocks for robots, the company leverages GPUs and FPGAs to create custom hardware that speeds up a robot's operation.