The meeting will take place remotely on February 28 at 6 PM CET . It will also bring together the international robotics community interested in hardware acceleration and advanced computing architectures for robots.

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VITORIA-GASTEIZ , Spain – Acceleration Robotics —an international benchmark semiconductor robotics startup and leader of the Architectures Working Group— has convened the 1st meeting of the Architectures and Processors Working Group (GTAP) of the Spanish Association of the Semiconductor Industry (AESEMI).

The meeting will take place remotely on February 28, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time) through Google Meet and will bring together experts in processors and computing architectures, as well as experts in robotics and those interested in using acceleration. by hardware (using GPUs, FPGAs, etc) in robots. To establish a common language and connect with the international community, the meeting will be held in English and will also co-locate the 15th meeting of the Hardware Acceleration Working Group .


  1. Welcome
  2. Old business and progress review
    2.1 Updates on key WG projects
    2.2 RobotPerf “hands on”, walkthrough on a first benchmark
    2.3 Updates on the Robotics MCU project (robo-v-mcu)
  3. New business
    WG and TSC
  4. Q&A


About Acceleration Robotics
Acceleration Robotics is a robotics semiconductor firm that offers consultancy services in robotics architecture and produces custom robotic brains by using hardware acceleration. The company also offers its own hardware designs (or IP cores ) for robots that speed up their response time and improve other features, including a reduction in power consumption. Founded by experts In robotics, Acceleration Robotics works with various manufacturers of GPUs and FPGAs to make faster robots.

AESEMI is the Spanish Association of the Semiconductor Industry, an entity that represents the main Spanish companies dedicated to microelectronic design and semiconductor manufacturing. The Association was founded at the end of last year 2021 and its objective is to give visibility to all the companies that are part of the semiconductor technological ecosystem in Spain.