RobotPerf subproject grows the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group. More meetings and more people participating in discussions around hardware acceleration and robot compute architectures.

ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group grows with RobotPerf subproject, more meetings and more people participating.

We're happy to report that the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group is growing. In particular, due to RobotPerf, one of our projects, we're increasing the periodicity at which we're meeting. We're moving from monthly meetings to weekly meetings (with one meeting, possibly longer, at the end of each month to summarize progress of the WG). The new weekly meetings aim to speed up the development of RobotPerf and will happen on Tuesdays 18:30 CET (12:30 EST, 9:30 PST, 23:00 IST).

RobotPerf is an open reference benchmarking suite that is used to evaluate robotics computing performance fairly with ROS 2 as its common baseline, so that robotic architects can make informed decisions about the hardware and software components of their robotic systems. RobotPerf is a subproject within the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group (or HAWG for short), an open and community-driven robotics group that drives the creation, maintenance and testing of hardware acceleration kernels on top of open standards for optimized ROS 2 and Gazebo interactions over different compute substrates, including FPGAs and GPUs.

To remain consistent, we'll be using the same resources (minutes, recording channels, etc) as we've doing so far, but will expand with a few for the RobotPerf project:

New meetings are already added to the ROS Calendar, first one happening tomorrow.