Clearpath Announces TurtleBot 4

Source: IEEE Spectrum, May 4, 2022 [1]
Open Robotics, iRobot, and Clearpath team up to deliver a rugged, flexible addition to the ROS 2 ecosystem

AMD to Fuse FPGA AI Engines Onto EPYC Processors, Arrives in 2023

Source: Tom's Hardware, May 4, 2022 [2]
AMD will use Xilinx's FPGA-powered AI inference engine in its processors. The first products are slated to arrive in 2023. AMD's recent patents indicate it is already well underway in enabling multiple methods of connecting AI accelerators to its processors, including using 3D chip stacking tech.

Updating the CUDA Linux GPG Repository Key

Source: NVIDIA Technical Blog, April 29, 2022 [3]
NVIDIA is updating and rotating the signing keys used by the apt, dnf/yum, and zypper package managers beginning April 27, 2022. If you don't update your repository signing keys, expect package management errors when attempting to install packages from CUDA repositories.

Arm debuts powerhouse Cortex-M processor

Source: Edn, May 2, 2022 [4]
The company is expanding its Arm Virtual Hardware to more platforms, including third-party devices, in an effort to make the IoT and embedded development process more accessible.

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Innovation Using UltraFast Algorithms

Source: Semiconductor Engineering, May 5, 2022 [5]
AMD explores implementing very high data rate algorithms using adaptive computing architectures, in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Innovation Using UltraFast Algorithms.

Nvidia starts laying groundwork for future open and parallel code

Source: The Register, May 2, 2022 [6]
Nvidia is stepping up its work with standards and open-source communities. A lot of work is being done specifically around programming languages like C++ and Fortran. The company's goal is to make generic computing environments more productive and approachable for coders.

India reveals plan to become major RISC-V design and production player by 2023

Source: The Register, April 29, 2022 [7]
India's government has announced a plan and roadmap for local semiconductor design and production, based on the open source RISC-V architecture, and set a goal of delivering world-class silicon by the end of next year.

Accelerating AI Robotics and Vision Equipment Deployment with NVIDIA Platforms

Source: Advantech, April 18, 2022 [8]
AI is making advances in different industries due to its potential to increase the precision and efficiency of traditional robotics programming. In this video, Advantech and Techman Robot will explore applications that leverage AI robotics and vision equipment and the challenges associated their deployment.

Developing and Deploying AI-powered Robots with NVIDIA Isaac Sim and NVIDIA TAO

Source: NVIDIA Technical Blog, May 3, 2022 [9]
With the advent of AI, you can build even smarter robots that can better perceive their surroundings. The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit is a low-code AI model development solution with built-in transfer learning. It allows you to fine-tune a pretrained model with a fraction of the data compared to training from scratch.

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